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Since its inception, Eric has served as the food writer for Triad City Beat, searching for interesting people, overlooked dishes, unique bars and breaking booze news. It turns out he’s pretty talented at finding all of the above, and then some.

Eric turned the newspaper’s food coverage into one of Triad City Beat’s flagship components, the lone reason that countless people pick up a copy or click over to the website.

Here’s how, as he explained in a year-end piece:

“I made an effort this year to veer away from the straight-up restaurant review, to diversify what qualifies as food writing within Triad City Beat and to challenge ourselves to provide the content that would resonate with readers. That’s how, I think, none of our Top 5 food articles of 2015 appeared in the food section.”


Eric put food on the cover, walking into all the true barbecue pits in the area, scouring restaurants for unusual brunch options, compiling the annual “Beer Issue,” hanging out with a street vendor and surveying community leaders about how to tackle food insecurity. He wrote lists, such as “Seven Triad sandwiches you haven’t tried, but must,” and “The Greensboro Vegan Dining Guide.” And he did it — over and over again — with breaking news.

Here’s the lede to his cover story about barbecue:

Zach Ward’s brother isn’t a fighting man — he’s a pastor — but there was one time that he seemed ready to plant his fist in someone’s face: While eating at Mr. Barbecue in Winston-Salem, he heard someone order a cheeseburger.

Who would do such a thing?

People respond to his reviews (“This new dumpling shop is a triple threat”), his tucked-away finds (including a hangout for Hells Angels supporters)  the distinctive people he interviews (“Barstool: The wine expert”) and the new life he breathes into community staples (“A Southern-food institution everyone should know”).


Photos by Eric Ginsburg

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