None of these qualify, exactly, as news anymore, but here are several samples of Eric’s news writing.


In addition to frequently breaking restaurant and brewery news, Eric regularly investigates and uncovers things that other publications didn’t catch, including the secret deposition of the mayor during an ongoing lawsuit or the International Civil Rights Center & Museum accidentally” suing the daily newspaper. Also in late 2015, he uncovered a secretive “civil emergency unit in the Greensboro Police Department that existed for a year without the knowledge of the city council’s public safety committee.


The 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, for the cover of YES! Weekly

Here are a few additional news stories that other local media outlets missed:

After governor’s comments, local agency threatened

In labor movement’s Achilles’ heel, Black municipal workers organize Greensboro

Labor occupies Wendy’s after firing

Previously, as YES! Weekly’s Greensboro/Guilford County reporter, Eric provided more in-depth coverage than other outlets in town and broke stories that deserved attention. He wrote two of the three most-read YES! Weekly news stories ever (as of his departure in 2014): his detailed look at a Republican primary race for Guilford County Commission and a piece on who really initiated Greensboro’s controversial noise ordinance.