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Interviewing Rev. Jesse Jackson. Photo by Jordan Stowe

Interviewing  Jesse Jackson
Photo by Jordan Stowe

In addition to being the managing editor at Triad City Beat, he works as an independent editor and writer. He spent the last several years primarily covering food, booze, and Greensboro news on a weekly basis in addition to writing investigative or features-style cover stories at least once a month. In late 2015, he contributed freelance research to an investigative New York Times piece that ran on A1 of the paper’s Sunday edition.

Eric has spoken at six colleges, two high schools, one jail, two summer camps, and the North Carolina College Media Association conference. He has been interviewed by Our State magazine about beer and public radio station WFDD about food and policing. Eric has also been a guest on several radio shows and podcasts including Criminal, referenced by Eater Austin as well as Texas Monthly’s BBQ News, and quoted thrice in the book Where to Eat Pizza.

After growing up in the greater Boston area, Eric moved to Greensboro, NC in 2006 to attend Guilford College. He has lived in the city ever since. Eric has worked at three nonprofits, including the Center for Creative Leadership. He dreams of living with a corgi, traveling to Vietnam, and producing a podcast.

Unrelated strengths: Settlers of Catan, day trips, a pretty decent jump shot

Unrelated weaknesses: Olivia Munn, “Friday Night Lights,” free food